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BTS at the SyFy shoot 
10th-Jul-2009 03:29 pm
Robin Dunne, from Sanctuary, has a video diary of the part of the promo for SyFy that he and Amanda Tapping appeared in.

I remember how happy my daughters and I were when the SciFi channel first began. We love scifi shows and had a chance to not only see new ones but to see old favorites in mini-marathons.

Then it began to change a few years ago: fantasy/horror/paranormal/....wrestling!? Just not what I want to see. Their newest show, Warehouse 13, is only a revamp of Friday the 13th series. Admittedly, the actors are watchable and charming and some of our favorite actors may show up in guest appearances, but so far there is nothing new about this show. It is totally a poor derivative of X-Files, Indiana Jones and other shows about a secret gov't holding area for things that would make our world more technologically advanced but have been taken out of use by those who would promote their own agendas.

I totally love BBC America, now. It has turned into my new favorite channel for shows like Primeval, Torchwood and Doctor Who.

"Imagine greater"....what? Unfinished as either an adjective or an adverb. At the very least it needs an 'ellipsis'(... or -- or ***).

I saw an article when the announcement about the 're-branding' was first brought to light saying that their long-standing ad men quit because the execs of the channel wouldn't/couldn't be swayed to abandon this foolishness. They knew about 'syfy' and all the jokes that would become common: "syfy: catch it!", etc. So now the reigning powers-that-be at the channel will have to live with their decision and I wonder if they will ever see reason.

Their excuse: you can't copyright a genre. They want to 'own' the brand and couldn't find one that could be owned. They should have gone with the nickname 'skiffy' even though it was rather derogatory.

Best part of one of the other new promos: where Christopher Heyerdahl, in character as Sanctuary's John Druitt, announces "This could bring down the whole network!" Is this their secret goal?

I sincerely mourn the loss of the Science Fiction channel as it was originally conceived.
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