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It's what I do!
The tall ships are at N 48 99.560 W 122 45.230 
1st-Aug-2009 04:45 pm
I have lived here for 4 years but this is the first time I made it down to the waterfront. The tall ships are here for the week. They have sailing tours and other hi-jinks like the 'George Raft' Race (they say 'George Raft' is Cockney slang for 'having a laugh') with homemade rafts; Drayton Harbor Days Festival, and the 2 ships facing off in Battle Sails that feature cannon and close-quarters maneuvers. I just went for the free tours.

First: the little boats. I just thought the colors were pretty.

The Hawaiian Chieftain

The Lady Washington

Oooooh, shiny!

Hawaiian Chieftain masthead

Lady Washington masthead and guys working

Pirates! Is that you, Jack Sparrow?
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