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It's what I do!
Firth movies 
4th-May-2008 04:13 pm
Bought Where the Truth Lies on iTunes and just finished watching it. I'm a little curious, now, about the extras that are available on the DVD - such as deleted scenes and a "Making Of" featurette. I figured out part of the mystery early, as I am sure most of you did, also. I had a suspect in mind that was totally wrong. The mystery was intriguing. iTunes made the actors look extra-thin and I was unable to adjust it so that it didn't look filmed with the wide angle lens. Curious if the DVD makes a difference there, also.

Colin Firth did his familiar stoic performance but with a few surprising outbursts and twists. Rated R for nudity and explicit sexual scenes.

The characters have to make viewers think of the comedy team of Martin and Lewis. Annual Telethon? What did cause their breakup? Hmmmmmm

Then She Found Me was released in NY and LA last week and wider release last Friday. The nearest I could find it on Fandango schedules of films, either this week or on May 9th release, was between 50 and 100 miles away from my house. It had to be done. Frankly, the film was nearly laughable in the volume of emotional trauma that kept being heaped upon Helen Hunt's character. Every time her life began to look a little better she was hit between the eyes with another life-altering tragedy. I found myself making a list: don't do this because the risk of this happening - and then the worst did happen.

At first I thought that Colin Firth's character was insane - as were all the characters - but then he seemed to calm down and be more comforting to Helen's character. And his WALK! (sigh) Rated R for language?
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