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It's what I do!
Memorial Day weekend 
26th-May-2008 12:38 pm
My daughter came up from Oregon for a short holiday visit and she just called to say she got home safely.

First we went to Holly Street in Bellingham on Saturday to visit the Antique Mall and then down the street to a used book store to see what they had. It began to rain a little on Saturday evening and we got a double rainbow!

On Sunday we made a day trip to Snohomish, WA off I-5 @5 miles east on Stevens Pass (Route 2). Check it out at http://www.myantiquemall.com/starcenter.html

There are about 200 shops along 2nd Street! Star Center Mall is the best place to start and then just mosey down the street. We ate at Java Inn near the end of the street. It is quiet and has great sandwiches. There are lots of other eateries, though, too.

Seems nearly every shop has dollhouse furniture and some have really great dollhouses. Seems to be a thing going on there about Scrabble. Nearly every store had a bucket of letter tiles and racks but not a Scrabble board to be found. Some of the displays had a Scrabble rack with tiles
displaying the name of the Chinaware patterns or other things.

We actually got off the Pass around 198th Street and saw a cute little Craft/Antique shop and stopped there first. My daughter found a couple
of things she really liked there and the woman working there was very friendly and made us feel very welcome.

My feet and legs are screaming at me this morning from all the walking. ;) But we had a great time.
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