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It's what I do!
4th of July 
5th-Jul-2008 10:10 am
So excited about the upcoming Gatecon Reunion next month that I decided to update my webpage! Never did get around to posting my pix for the 2005 Gatecon. This was the one where Farscape, Andromeda, Battlestar Galactica, The Collector and other SciFi shows were represented by actors and creators/writers.

Depressing times after Stargate actors could no longer attend due to a contract MGM made with Creationent. 8P I'm doing it the short, easy way instead of the complicated, extended way, to save time. I know! It looks primitive but what fun is having a web site if you don't write your own code?!

Nice long weekend interrupted by fireworks last night. I suspect more will be set off during the remainder of the weekend. I just kinda tune it out. I did go outside last night for a little while and watch some of the brilliant colored bursts from the direction of the waterfront.
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