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It's what I do!
Mama Mia! 
22nd-Jul-2008 07:54 am
Went to see the movie last Saturday. What a fun romp! Colin was just sweet and the only one of the guys that could hold a tune. Pierce Brosnan was sexy and Meryl Streep was surprisingly agile and has a lovely singing voice. The audience all seemed to be accompanied by at least one senior citizen, though. Are we reliving our youth? And everyone on the screen (except Sophie and Sky)also looked too old.

Saw Indiana Jones 4 on Sunday. Also a fun romp. Also had to have a senior with you to be in the audience, evidently. (Maybe I just live in a town full of old people?) Harrison Ford was his usual curmudgeonly self that we all love. Everyone on the screen (except Mutt) also looked too old. (sigh)

Next weekend: X-Files 2. Will I go? Will they look too old, also?
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