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It's what I do!
Heyya ma ma ma! 
9th-Aug-2008 08:58 am
Sugarland, Little Big Town & Jake Owen! Love this tune! Heyya ma ma ma! Just bought it on iTunes and am listening to it over and over. Jaunty tune with sad lyrics.

Tried on my cargo pants from 2000 and they fit! Yay! Been trying a new diet from "The Rice Diet Solution" by Kitty Gurkin Rosati and Robert Rosati. Haven't actually eaten any rice - except my usual breakfast of Cream of Rice - but have lost about 8 lbs. I was hoping I could get into my OD Cargo pants before Gatecon. Like to wear them and my black GI issue shirt as a 'costume' at Gatecons. Pockets also good for passport on the plane.

Pouring rain today. My kinda weather. Love it.
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