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It's what I do!
Star Trek Con Vancouver 
10th-Jun-2011 09:46 pm
Had to go. Never been to a Star Trek con and it is so close I just had to go. Today was Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer from Enterprise. Tomorrow is Nichelle Nichols and George Takai. Sunday is Nana Visitor and Rene Auberjonois. There are various Klingons thrown in on the next couple of days, also but I'm mostly interested in the above named 'biggies'. Got the ticket that includes autographs from the major 5 - George Takai is only included in the Gold ticket - not the Preferred.

Evidently Dominic Keating has a talent for turning the air blue. Connor Trinneer is walking with a cane. He had knee surgery that turned bad when he got DVT. Scary time for him.

And the Canucks were doing their 5th game of the playoffs only a few blocks from the hotel where the con is downtown. Won 1-0 to bring the stading in the playoff to 3-2 in their favor. They could win the Stanley Cup with the next game.

Got out of the area just in time. I was already crossing the Oak Street bridge when the game ended and the traffic was being closed off on the major streets that I had just traveled downtown. I'd still be sitting there in the parking garage of the hotel if I hadn't left when I did. The next game isn't until Monday night so traffic should be good to go the rest of the weekend.

12th-Jun-2011 06:53 am (UTC)
I just heard about this convention on Friday morning, so a little late for me to consider going, all things considered. Glad you had a chance to make it, and glad you got out of there in time! I can imagine the crowds probably didn't clear until morning. I sort of came to <3 Connor from SGA. Wow, that's not good about the DVT. Scary indeed!

Am I a bad fan for not watching the Canucks game? Seriously though - I was trying to buy a house at the time. :)
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