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It's what I do!
22nd-Aug-2008 07:28 pm
Thursday, August 21
No mention of Atlantis being cancelled. I had fun today. ;) I had to do
stuff this morning but finally got to Vancouver @1:30pm. I went to
registration and got my booklet and ticket. Also got the Gatecon Reunion
t-shirt that I bought from them online. Then I went in search of
the person who sold me the ticket to say hello. I made her a
copy of the episode of Mail Call: NORAD. I found her over in the room
that Legendary Gathering rented for their little get-together.

Alex Zahara was there doing a 'panel' talking about his 90-year-old
grandmother who died this year. She lived in a sod house in northern
Saskatchewan when she was young and taught in a one-room school for 30
years. Then he encouraged others to tell old people stories or about growing
up in small towns. Interesting.

Later they had an auction. Dan Payne was supposed to be there but had to
work today. He is doing Night at the Museum 2. The auction was to raise
money for a friend of his who has a little girl who had cancer of the
pituitary. She had it removed and now needs treatment in order to grow.
There was this one t-shirt that I really wanted to bid on but they didn't
get to it. It said Department of Redundancy Department. They ended the
auction about 6:30 and I headed for home. They were going to finish the
auction about 11pm. Too late for me. Others that showed up were Dean
Aylsworth (young Bill Mulder), David Winning - director of Andromeda,
Stargate, Earth: Final Conflict and other things, Fulvio Cecere (Richard
Sandoval in Dark Angel), and Colin Cunningham, who stopped by for only a
minute because he had an audition at 4pm.

Tomorrow I need to be there before 8am for the 'early bird special' on
parking: $12 all day until 6pm. All that my ticket covers will be over about
5pm so that will be great! I'm kinda excited about the prospect of seeing
RDA tomorrow. MacGyver, himself! But tomorrow is about Sea Shepherd
Conservatory Society. He is there as part of their program - not as himself, really.
I think Saturday he will be doing a panel about MacGyver.

It was fun to see all the old gang today....just a small bunch of about
30-50 people. Tomorrow it will be more like 600 people.

On the way there I stopped off at Fantasy Gardens to see if they had torn it
down yet. It was sold late last year and there were plans to put up a whole
subdivision of townhouses or something. It used to be a mall that looks
kinda like a feudal village with a huge windmill front and looks like it
should be in Lynden, WA. ;) Lots of things shoot there. It not only is still
there, they were shooting the Xmas episode of Psych! I stopped and took a
few pix and talked to the prop guys that were getting chairs ready for the
night shoot. But I didn't see the actors. They were taking pictures of a
line of 'background' children on Santa's lap. I couldn't see Santa so it
could have been James Roday or Dule Hill.
29th-Aug-2008 04:31 am (UTC)
OMG, are you ripping off emails you sent to me for your LJ? Or are you just sending me your LJ posts? *fake outrage*
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