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It's what I do!
22nd-Aug-2008 07:40 pm
I am having a great time! ;) Meeting a lot of the online gang in person.

Today it was RDA and Sea Shephard Conservation Society....the new name for
Greenpeace, I guess. It was quite a panel. Capt Paul F Watson co-founded
Greenpeace in 1972 and then in 1977 he founded SSCS. Because RDA and Capt
Paul were together, the questions were supposed to be limited to questions
about the environment and conservation. Paul said that there will be a
series on Animal Planet about saving the whales this fall. He also mentioned
Pierce Brosnan so I guess he is involved in promoting this as well. Many
very interesting stories.

Most of the questions were really interesting, as were the answers. But of
course, some of them began with: "I don't totally agree with what you say
but..." Everyone was really nice, though. The capt stated in one case that
most of those who are so strongly against abortion approve of the death
penalty and those on death row are usually unwanted and unloved children.
RDA coughed "Bush" into his hand and we got a good laugh out of that. He can
be really funny. Another time someone asked what their backgrounds were and
RDA was talking about his being 3rd generation immigrant to Minn - land of
10,000 lakes. (Yashuryabetcha!) He said there was a recount and there are
nearly 11,000 but they don't want to change all the license plates. Also: He
was a Viking razed in a village and he is now a pirate.

We had our bags searched before going into the auditorium and our hand
stamped to prove it. At the end of the day I had my autograph session with
RDA and they didn't bother searching it - they just took everyone's bag and
put them behind the table and gave us a number for picking them up
afterward. They lined us up on chairs to wait while he took a break as he
had been doing photos with VIP ticket holders for hours. He took his time
signing the picture I handed him and we had a short
conversation. He actually looked at me, too! A couple of times. He was
sooooo sweet! I was so surprised. I'm glad I won one of the places by
lottery. Made my trip!

Sabine Bauer was in the dealer's room today with her books - her latest
comes out next Monday and she had that too. Since it was a slow day waiting
for RDA to take photos with all the VIP ticket holders before I could get
his autograph, I talked with her a while and then bought her book. It was interesting to
hear her talk about fanfic and how they saw her stuff online and emailed

Also saw Colin Cunningham and got a big hug - said he missed me the past
couple of years. I congratulated him on his big success with his indie movie
Centigrade. He wrote, directed and starred in it and has won Best Picture
and Best Actor awards qualifying it for an Academy Award next year.

When I saw Alan Gowen, who runs the con, he said the same thing...but he
doesn't hug. ;)

Tomorrow Garwin Sanford? I can hardly wait!
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