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It's what I do!
24th-Aug-2008 06:15 pm
Saturday, 8/23/08

Lots of interesting panels today including one with Garwin Sanford, Alex
Zahara, Dan Shea, Gary Jones, Dan Payne, Garry Chalk and Dean Haglund. First one this morning was Andee Frizell, Steve Bacic, Cliff Simon and Corin Nemec. They warned parents that all children under 13 should leave the room or cover their ears because that was the kind of panel they were going to have. I didn't stay for that one. Later, one with David Winning and Jan Newman. She is head of makeup dept at Stargate. She actually was with RDA on MacGyver, too. She says he can't sit still for more than 15 minutes and never does what he is supposed to do.

Another panel had Bruce Woloshyn, Visual Effects. Sabine Bauer
had her workshop with those who submitted writing samples to her before the
con. And one with RDA, of course.

The best part was the auction this evening. Besides all those who had been
there earlier, except Sabine, David, Jan and Bruce, others kept stopping in:
Tom McBeath, Dean Aylsworth, Jerry Rector, etc. They made over $30,000 for

None of that wild hanky, panky that has gone on at previous Gatecons. Although, RDA did give winners a hug and signed everything, as did all the others. One of his scribbled drawings went for over $5,000! So he made 2 more. ;) Later,Garry offered a bonus of a kiss from RDA for the bidder on some item in order to raise the bids. RDA called out to him and said, "you know what that makes you!" That was as rough as it got. At one time Garwin Sanford was running the auction with the mic in his hand and the first bid for $50 came from the front row over to the right of him. He called it out before looking and then said "wait a minute! That's MY money! I cancel that bid! It's my CHILD!" It was his teenage daughter bidding on a rather nice piece of art.

The auction had to end at 8pm because that is as late as they could keep the
room before having it redressed for the Starhole comedy show that Dean
Haglund and Gary Jones were doing at 9pm.

It's been a lot of fun to have Gatecon back in Vancouver. And tomorrow
should be fun, too. I hope they can have one here again next year. I think
RDA has really enjoyed being with us this year, too. He never does cons and
he has told everyone what a great, well behaved bunch we are and what
interesting questions we pose to him. But he says he likes solitude and
hiding in his house.

My eyes are trying to stay shut when I blink so I think I should toddle off
to bed, now.
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