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It's what I do!
24th-Aug-2008 06:31 pm
Sunday at Gatecon! Opening ceremonies after the announcement of who won the costume contest. The contest was yesterday morning and those who entered wore their costumes all day so we could see them and vote. The difference between the grand prize winner and first place was one vote!

First panel: Steve Bacic, Andee Frizell, Cliff Simon and Garwin Sanford. Lots of good questions and very interesting answers! Garwin Sanford has been teaching (at Bill Marchant?) and now is directing. He did a 15 minute short and now is going to do a feature film. Steve Bacic has a PhD in Math! Near the end of the panel Dean Aylsworth showed up and asked if he could join the panel. They asked him why he was late and he said he couldn't say or he would cry. Steve had a good story about working nude with Teryl Rothery. They have worked together many times and known each other for a long time. He was glad that his first naked bit was with her because they worked on it so it would be comfortable.

Later in the morning, RDA had a panel. He was just getting started when Amanda Tapping showed up and surprised us! I think he knew, though. Lots of hugging and kissing. :)

They spent the hour answering questions. His daughter, Wylie was there and made a few comments from the audience then joined them on stage at the very end. She just turned 10 this month.

RDA is building a house, he likes comedians, heroes were hockey players - loved Bobby Orr. Someone asked if Legends was going to come out on DVD. The few of us who knew the show cheered loudly! He explained what happened to the show as it was one of UPN's opening shows. It was his first time as a producer and he didn't have the experience to get things done to keep it on the air.

Amanda's hero growing up was Carol Burnette, of course.

At the end of the panel, they talked about Don and what he meant to them. RDA told a story about one of the first times they met. Amanda told a story about when they were waiting for a plane to go to a con and Don started telling them a story and they laughed until they had tears streaming down their faces and were, literally, on the floor pounding the carpet with laughter. Garwin Sanford came up to the stage and gave a nice tribute to Don. There was a show of pictures and quotes from friends on the big screens, then his wife, Ruby came out. She thanked everyone for their messages and emails. She could barely talk for crying. Amanda teared up as did some others. By then my eyes got all blurred, too.

Closing ceremonies had everyone come on stage and there were a couple of speeches. Richard said that, as we know, he rarely comes out like this. He said that he went to Aurora con(?) but it was...blah. But here he actually had lots of fun, like us a lot and would like to do it again! Naturally, we stood and cheered!

Then they played "Absolutely Everybody" again and the actors got to see it. The volunteers and others began dancing around the room in a line to the music as the actors all escaped out the back way. ;)

Autographs after lunch! VIP tickets got to go first, of course. But there were so few in line that I got in the door within half an hour. I looked at everyone around the room at their tables but only wanted Garwin Sanford, of course. Had to wait in line for a bit. He never comes to cons, either, but I think he will come again, too. He would sign 3 things for $15 but he only had a stack of one b&w photo. I had him sign the photo for me and also my booklet from the con even though he was a 'drop in' and wasn't in the book. I thanked him for coming to the con so we could meet him. Also told him that my cable has RTN: Retro Network and is showing Airwolfe eps on weekends. I just saw part 2 of Stavograd a couple of weeks ago. He laughed at that. Also told him that I had seen Replica recently on iTunes and that the room at the beginning with Peter Outerbridge was Narim's apartment! He is so charming...and gorgeous! Phwar!!!

Gatecon is over. Loved it and am so glad they came back to Van and that I had a chance to go see it. I really hope that they have one next year and all these guests return. I am happy and sad at the same time.
25th-Aug-2008 06:05 am (UTC)
Thanks for all your reports on Gatecon!! You have been linked on Gateworld, so that's how I found it. I think you are the first to really report back, thanks so much for that.
I'm glad to hear Rick had a great time, here's hoping he'll do more cons. The only other con he did, was Avalon. I am surprised he said it was blah though.
And yay for Amanda showing up!!
25th-Aug-2008 01:47 pm (UTC) - Phwar!
Oooooh, my first comment, EVAR! I'm linked on Gateworld? I will have to go check that out. Thank you so much for letting me know....and for taking the time to write here.

He said it was "okay" at Avalon but I think the auction on Saturday night let him losen up a little more. He wandered out into the crowd and seemed to have a great time mingling with the people there.

We were all on our very best behavior in order to encourage him to come see us again. I hope to have some pix up on my website within the week.

25th-Aug-2008 05:46 pm (UTC) - Re: Phwar!
Oh boy, first comment ever?? Hehe, I don't look, just post.

Good for you all, your best behavior and RDA enjoyed himself and even wants to come back (at least, I read that somewhere). How many people were at the con anyway? Around 1000 I seem to remember having read somewhere. That sure is a lot. It all sounds very awesome though.

Are you going to put your pix up on your LiveJournal you mean? Or you have another website? Is it OK if I friend you then?
26th-Aug-2008 01:22 am (UTC) - Re: Phwar!
There were over 700 tickets sold but not all were there at the same time.

I will upload the pix to my web site: http://www.geocities.com/ad_maggies/
But I don't want to put any pictures of Wylie or Bruce Woloshyn's children on the net. Mr Anderson talked about the papparazzi stalking him and his family at home in California so I don't want any of my pix to end up in The Enquirer or another tabloid. I also have strong feelings against putting pix of children on the 'net.

I would be honored to be friended (another first!) by you. May I friend you back?

You say I'm linked on GateWorld? I couldn't find the links on that website.
27th-Aug-2008 05:21 pm (UTC) - Re: Phwar!
First friend too. Yay. And of course you may friend me back. Although please don't feel obligated to follow my personal posts. I do post Stargaterelated artwork regularly :)

And I'm kind of surprised RDA is so willingly getting Wylie involved and out in public like that. Her pics are all over the net by now. I guess he's a very proud dad.

Do you ever go to other cons than Gatecon? I'm going to Creation Con in Vancouver next year. My first real Stargate con (I went to Amanda's con in London last year, but that's very different (very very nice though)) and I'm looking forward to it very much!
26th-Aug-2008 01:36 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for the reports, it seems to have been a brilliant experience :-)
26th-Aug-2008 03:55 am (UTC)
Gatecon made me so happy that I wanted to share some of the experience with those who couldn't be there. Glad that you enjoyed the report.
27th-Aug-2008 11:37 pm (UTC)
Also following my nose from Gateworld. :-) Thanks so much for sharing the report on Gatecon. I'm so jealous!! And good for you for you for not posting pics of Wylie. I was quite surprised to hear that he let her up on stage.
28th-Aug-2008 04:15 am (UTC)
It has been really busy since I got home from Gatecon and want to post more about the panels and who was there and what they said.

Thank you for the comment. I was also surprised but Wylie was only there on Sunday afternoon and I think it was more for the tribute to Don S Davis. Also that RDAwas feeling more at home at Gatecon by then.

I have seen some of the photos, now. Some of the best are by Eric Cheng...pro-photog, of course, and part of Sea Shepherd. His page is at http://echeng.com/journal/2008/08/27/gatecon2008/

30th-Aug-2008 01:13 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for the link. His pics were really great as well. Seems like a really fun event!
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