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It's what I do!
SGA rally 
15th-Sep-2008 12:36 pm
I was one of the first to show up at Bridge Studios on Friday, 9/12/08. At that time there were 2 people waiting to see what would happen. As the day wore on others joined.

A closer look at the signs:

And more people at the rally:

Some of the actors stopped to talk to us as they showed up for their call time. David Nykl:

Joe Mallozzi and Martin Gero came down to say hello.

David Hewlett:

When David H showed up, Joe M and Martin G decided to leave for lunch:

People leaving also stopped to talk and sign autographs. This is the new 'villain' for Sanctuary - character name - Dana Whitcomb. ActionFigure Sheppard was delighted to see her and is waving in the foreground of the picture.

I had to leave early but others stayed well into the evening. As has been reported on lj user="itsjustgwen", lj user="shaddyr", lj user="n7cdrsheppard" and at http://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/2008/09/13/september-13-2008-fans-protest-main-title-compressed-some-questions-addressed/ and other places, they were rewarded for their fortitude with a personal tour of the sets by Robert Picardo!

Hopefully, we can get together again for a rally on Thursday when they end filming on the SGA series.
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