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It's what I do!
Rotator Cuff tear 
30th-Jan-2009 08:46 pm
Good news! Finally saw a real doctor (orthopaedic surgeon) and he sez surgery is not necessary. The rotator cuff tear shown in the MRI on 12/30 seems to be the old one from 1996 and the real problem is the 'Popeye arm' syndrome. Tore that tendon clear off! Now that sucker is bunched up next to my bicep. That could be fixed...if I were a young man! But since I am an old broad it doesn't seem to be necessary. I am really, really glad cuz I was terrified!

So. Physical Therapy sessions to strengthen the muscles that will be taking over for that right bicep tendon. I has been getting better all along. Been wearing a sling at work to remind me not to reach out with that right hand! Making everyone at work crazy by moving the mouse to the left side so I can work and forgetting to move it back. 8P

Looking forward to: Creation Con in Vancouver in April! Lucked into a preferred ticket that includes a tour of the sets - if any are left by then - and complimentary autographs from Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Joe Flanigan, Connor Trinneer and Robert Picardo! Others to be announced. Paul McGillion and Teryl Rothery will be there but their autographs will not be included. Bummer!

Also looking forward to: Vancouver Meetup! Look forward to seeing everyone again and even meeting new peeps. Took a page from http://itsjustgwen.livejournal.com/ and made a notebook of all my autographed photos and souvenir booklets from cons. It is a standard 1.5" notebook but it is bulging so I think I will have to go for a bigger one.
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