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It's what I do!
Vancouver Stargate con Thursday 
9th-Apr-2009 11:29 am
Actually went to register after work on Wednesday night. Our lovely gift is a canvas tote bag with Stargate Atlantis font embroidered on it.

Thursday the con began at 3:pm with Valerie Halverson, Costume Designer for Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis and Andromeda. I'm mostly going to only mention one thing as full accounts can be had on Gateworld and other places. The best stories she had to tell were about Jason Momoa. He wanted to wear his own clothes but she explained to him that because of filming wear and tear there needs to be duplicates. He brought 2 necklaces (shark's tooth?) and she said that was fine but he misunderstood and put both on the same chain so she had to duplicate that.

Working Actors panel included Fulvio Cecere, Colonel Davidson and other shows; Kirby Morrow, Captain Dave Kleinman and other shows including voice work on DragonBall Z; Heather Doerkson, Bridge Pilot/Apollo Tech/Meyers and other shows; Jody Racicot, SG-1's Vernon Sharpe and Flash Gordon's Dr Zarkov; Michael Kopsa, SG-1's General Kerrigan but I remember him best from Tom Stone; and Patrick Currie, SG-1's Fifth/Chaka/Eamon

As you can see, my pix are not that great as I was seated in the hinterlands.

Patrick Currie was asked what was his favorite scene with Amanda Tapping and he described the first time they were rehearsing the scene where he inserts his hand into her head. It was his first day working with her and every time he put his hand to her head she made a funny noise. He said that it put him at his ease.

Gary Jones, Walter Harriman, always is a hoot. Best was talking about the scene where he had to change clothes between the time he left the control room and joined everyone in the gate room. Gary explained how he was wearing an outfit under the jumpsuit and they put the camera on lockdown so it would be pointed where he was supposed to enter. Then he had to get out of the jumpsuit and don the vest,etc in seconds. Theatre training comes in handy for quick changes behind the scenes. He also talked about his show, "StarHole 1.5" with Dean Haglund, that was on the agenda for later that night.

Andee Frizzell replaced the scheduled Christopher Heyerdahl who couldn't be there because of his work schedule. I didn't stay for this one. Would have been really nice to see Chris Heyerdahl again.

More later.
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