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It's what I do!
Vancover Stargate con Friday 
9th-Apr-2009 04:43 pm
Some of my favorites today and others that I have never seen in person. A warning: these pictures do not bare close scrutiny. 8( Hinterlands, ya know?

Day began much earlier at 11am with David Nykl. He spoke without a Czech accent and explained that though he was born in Prague he was raised in BC. A question about translating between his 2 fluent languages was answered that he had learned both as a small child so there doesn't seem to be a translation barrier. Language is best learned at a very early age and is more difficult as one gets older. (I agree)

Next on stage was Dan Shea, Sgt Siler and Stunt coordinator. He was manic! Someone asked him if he suffered from ADD. He never stopped moving so it was difficult to take a good picture. He had lots of interesting stories about stunts. One involved a new gel for fire scenes that goes directly onto the skin instead of all that padding.

After a break for lunch, an auction and the regular video salute, Connor Trinneer took the stage. The most important question was whether he thought he would be returning to Atlantis. He answered very confidently that if Michael had not cloned himself shame on him! This got a roar of approval and a harty laugh from all!
He did talk about Star Trek: Enterprise a bit, too. He said he cried *a lot* on that show. When it wouldn't come naturally, he had a secret trick: a tiny dab of Vicks Vapo-rub just under his eyes to make them water.

Teryl is just a bundle of energy! She answered a question about the 'puff and ruffle' for the *con virgins* - of which there was a majority. She also talked about her new baby who turned 6 months old that day. Many subject came up in the questions. One was about working with Amanda Tapping so she told the story of Minnie and Terleen and the beauty school. Lots of fun. And she gave a lot of men hugs and had someone take a picture of them together. I am posting one of those pictures as I think implicit permission was given by the fact that he went onstage with her and agreed to photos. We'll call him *Oklahoma*. ;)

The day ended with the first autograph session that my ticket included: Connor Trinneer. Since the next thing on the schedule was the Celebrity Cabaret, the hotel people came in and began stacking the chairs so they could place tables in the room. The end of the line was forced to stand for quite some time waiting to enter the little room formed by black drapes behind the stage. Connor seemed very tired and barely looked up as he handed me the photo he had signed.
I skipped the Cabaret and headed for home. Those who attended told me the next day that it was fun and entertaining. I should have stayed. But I decided that I would try for the border before the Nexus line closed at 9pm.
I got there about 10 'til and was handed the dreaded, orange slip of doom. This signifies a random search of my car. So I had to pull into the inspection area, give up my keys and go inside the building. When I was called to the desk, the agent asked all the usual questions about drugs, alcohol, needles, etc and where I had been. I told him I had been to a scifi con in Burnaby. He looked confused and asked what those words meant. I elaborated that it was a science fiction convention. He told me he didn't understand. "Actors. On stage. Talking." He took my keys back outside. A few minutes later a woman came inside with my keys and asked me to move down to another computer. This interview went more quickly and she explained she would be inspecting my car. It only took her a couple of minutes and she came back, signed my orange slip and told me I could go.
I swore to myself that I would avoid the Peace Arch at all costs regardless of whether the Nexus line was closed and the line at the truck crossing was 2 hours long!
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