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It's what I do!
Van con set tour 
10th-Apr-2009 12:33 pm
I signed up for the 9:45am tour when I registered on Wednesday evening. That way I wouldn't have to leave home too early or worry about getting across the border too late and missing my bus. A man introduced himself to me before boarding the bus and asked if we could be 'photo partners'. He would take pix of me with my camera in exchange for me taking pix of him with his camera. Good deal! I have more pix of me on the sets that I did on earlier tours.

When we arrived there was a choice of 2 groups: N. John Smith, Producer, and James Robbins, Art Director. We decided to go with John Smith. You may click on these pix to get a slightly larger view.


Familiar hallway in SG1 leading to the "Embarkation Room"

The 'practical iris' is basically a cover and doesn't work. This is where it is kept above the large garage door near the gate room. They don't have to move it, now. They have a sliding partition that they can use with a green screen to photograph it and marry it with the image of the gate.

Hallway in the ship

More parts of he ship:

The dedication for General George Hammond

The stairs from the gateroom up to the control room. Adam, one ofthe partners of Creation Enterprises is at the bottom of the stairs.

Balcony that would overlook the ocean

Balcony from below

Looking up toward the control room

SURPRISE! DAVID NYKL is here to have a picture teken with each person on the tour!

Up close and personal with the controls:

When you dial the gate, the individual triangles light up.

The stairs below the bridge to the Commander's office.

The bridge from the Control Room to the office that has housed Weir, Carter and Woolsey. As you can see, the room to the right has been cleared and is no longer used as that office. There is construction in there, now.

Last stop: the infirmary

Whew! That's all the time I have for today!
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